Monday, September 26, 2016

Unreal Engine 4 C++ Resources

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Unreal Engine 4 C++ Resources: Intro

Ah, yes, the rough looking starter projects

I have been using Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games for almost 3 years now and have really enjoyed developing games in this game engine. I have spent hours looking for good content on applying my C++ skills in Unreal Engine 4.

What I want to share with you right now are some good resources that I have constantly gone back to for references. There are about three categories I would split my findings into for Unreal Engine 4 C++ tutorials and examples. These categories would be the obvious, the popular, and the obscure.

Unreal Engine 4 C++ Resources: The List

The Obvious

Whether it be from the horses mouth or an expert in the field. These are solid choices for learning anything about Unreal Engine 4 C++ coding.

C++ Tutorial on Unreal Engine's YouTube Playlist

This tutorial is great for beginners with Unreal Engine 4's C++ API. It will teach you how to create gameplay code, interact with objects, some simple HUD work, as well as some effects. I watched a few of the videos when I was starting out just to get a jumpstart into C++ with UE4.

The Unreal Engine 4 Wiki

The Wiki is always a good place to stop by when looking to implement some common game components. My very own Quest Framework is posted there as well. There are so many tutorials involving AI, C++, Blueprints, and Building with UE4 that it is an invaluable resource.

The Unreal Engine 4 Forums

This is a decent place to go to get some information about C++ in Unreal Engine 4. You may not always get an answer, but when it comes to the more clear questions and descriptions of what you want, there are some good people that will help you out. Sometimes a staffer will comment as well and really steer you into the right direction.

The Source Code

  • The source code. (You MUST be logged in and a part of Epic Games to view this private repository)
If there is anywhere to go as the definite source (pun intended, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't) to C++ code in UE4, it is the source code. If ever you have any questions in regards to how certian modules work or how something is implemented, this is the place to go to. I use it extensively when writing plugins and editor extensions. It is exceptionally helpful to look at the MessageBus, OnlineSubsystem, and Actor replication portions of the code when writing networked games.

The Popular

Tom Looman's Blog

When it came to writing network code and code for interactive objects in Unreal Engine 4, this was my go to place. Tom Looman has most of his tutorials in C++ and Blueprints. What this does is allow for a smooth transition if you are used to Blueprints and wish to move to C++.

The Unreal Engine 4 Sub-Reddit

Reddit seems to have a large crowd and there is relatively good activity in the subreddit. Most of the time I see a lot of beginners go there to ask questions. It is usually pretty helpful.

Rama / EverNewJoy

This person does a lot of stuff with UE4 and has a Plugin library for Blueprints. There are also a few other Plugins on the marketplace by this person. From forum posts to tutorials, transition guides, and wiki posts - Rama has a lot of content and most of it is in C++. Also, Rama seems to enjoy lots of color and hearts.

The Obscure

This is just a small collection of links to random things about Unreal Engine 4 and it's C++ components that nobody really talks about. Most of these links are one off a very specific. They are as follows:
Things start to look nicer the more you apply yourself
Well, that is about all I use when going in to take a look at C++ demos and examples in Unreal Engine 4. Obviously, this is not the extent of all the resources available for Unreal Engine 4 C++. If there is anything that you may know of that I missed and is usable by a wide range of people, feel free to comment. I hope for anyone who was looking for some help in C++ for Unreal Engine 4 that this offered as a good guidance of where to go.

Until next time! Enjoy your game programming!